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Are you paying monthly fees to someone AND being charged hourly? Are you often told that features you read about or say in a demonstration simply aren’t available? Are you constantly running out of licenses or being told you need to buy something else? You definitely are NOT working with us.

Stewart Consulting has the Cisco certifications and expertise that only comes working global enterprise projects. Our consultants train and test cutting edge technology that frighten the average engineer. Most consultants have been in the Cisco business 20 years or more and carry other certifications from CompTIA, Microsoft, ITIL and PMP.

We specialize in voice, video, networking, wireless, security and call centers. Integration and interoperability, however, must be secure and compliant. Our decades of experience with military, government, medical and legal clients ensure your data is HIPAA, SoxOx, PCI and, if necessary, NISA complaint.

Our greatest asset is our dedication to customer service. Our help desk is based right here in the US, never outsourced, and phones are answered by qualified engineers, not script readers. We have long list of satisfied customers available to provide positive references to our work. Monitoring is based on devices and coverage and ties with our 24×7 help desk.


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