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Ransomware has become a $1 BILLION business. How does it work? Hackers, or more often their automated programs (bots), flood the Internet searching for holes in your firewall to drop malware applications inside your network. When the application opens it encrypts your critical files (documents, databases, spreadsheets, application files, QuickBooks, etc), calls home to its programmer and starts a timer.

In this scenario, the user has until the timer expires to pay thousands in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency to have it unlocked. However, not all hackers have been ethical and unencrypt the files. Some have asked for more compensation once the criticality of the files or the identity of end user is known.

There is no legal recourse as most of the hackers are overseas. There are no fixes or patches. It’s enough to make you want to shut down your Facebook account.


Fortunately, Stewart Consulting can help. We work with a team of white hat hackers to regression test your systems to the desktop level. Many vendor firewalls can be tuned to stop Ransomware even if a user opens a dangerous file inside your network. The device is quarantined to prevent infecting other devices.


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