Internet Connection – DOUBLE your current rate!

Buy all new phones – Between $100 - $500 EACH!

Monthly service fees – Between $10 - $20 PER USER!

Redundant Hardware – $500 - $2,500 PER SITE!

Everyone seems to offer phone service these days. Your cable or satellite provider has a plan. You can get a land line to go with your mobile plan. And there are more carriers out there now than ever. Cloud-based phone service sounds intriguing. Everyone promises a low rate and easy installation. But do you know the following hidden costs of cloud-based phone service?

How much did you plan to save? Add to the cost the fact that most services are not available if your Internet goes down, you have no additional mobility features beyond call forward and the cloud-based solutions rarely tie into your calendar, Instant Message or provide voicemail to your email. If you do have problems, will the call be answered in the United States?

Stewart Consulting provides options both on premise and cloud-based that fit your organization’s needs. We provide more than dial tone and voicemail. Our solutions include Microsoft Active Directory integration for ease of user administration and security. Instant Messaging is standard and connects with Outlook and Office365 for voicemail to email, real-time presence information for office users and real mobility. Our systems include the ability to fully function from a mobile device or tablet remotely and securely.


Contact us today for a free onsite demonstration of solutions to grow your business, increase your productivity and free you from your office at a better return on investment than most cloud services.

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