74% of Consumers will purchase again after a good experience

82% of consumers say that having their problem solved quickly is their #1 goal

Only 1% of consumers feel companies meet their needs consistently

12 positive experiences are required to undo a single negative one

Does your existing call center use the term “higher than normal call volume”? This is the single most depressing and infuriating phrase ever uttered across a phone line. Your customer experience is crucial to your business survival.

Remote capabilities in the latest Contact Center solutions allow Agents and Supervisors to work from anywhere. Meanwhile, Supervisors have monitoring, recording and screen capture capability. In-depth reporting provides clarity into customer service metrics in real-time or historically.

Today’s Contact Center integrates with most databases such as SalesForce. Incoming calls are cross-referenced with the customer database. Agents are then presented with a pop-up window of the caller and relevant information on their account before the call is answered.


Let Stewart Consulting help you define a new “normal” with your call center.